The World’s Most Sustainable Companies in 2019

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As the world continues to slowly come to grips with the threats posed by climate change, many businesses all over the world are shifting towards a more green approach. This approach that takes the environment into consideration means that the company has become a part of the drive for sustainability.

While the move towards sustainability is not something new by any means, the percentage of sustainable businesses around the world is still shockingly low. The most are found in Europe, specifically the Northern parts of the continent.

Here’s a look at the world’s most sustainable companies in 2019:

Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

The Denmark based company provides bioscience services that include researching and devising methods of preserving food items such as yoghurt, protecting crops with the use of natural bacteria and much more. Found in 1874, the company’s top ranking has been a surprise for many as it is not a household name or even known much in business circles.

What Makes it Sustainable

The first factor considered was the carbon productivity. Chr. Hansen landed in second place out of all the companies researched with an 81% score.

However, what makes it stand the top is its very low (in comparison) 24 to 1 ratio of the CEO’s salary to a farmer’s salary. 81% of the company’s revenues are clean, in which it ranks the highest. Furthermore, it also has a modestly high percentage of women on the board with 29%.

Kering SA

Kering is a French holding company that is widely known due to its ownership of various high end fashion brands such as Gucci and YVES. Kering SA ranks second on the list of the most sustainable companies in 2019.

The Factors Behind its Sustainability

On the carbon productivity, Kering ranked at a solid 73%. Its CEO to lower employee salary ratio was not as impressive with 50 to 1. However, with 64% of women on the board, Kering ranked higher than any other company. The total percentage of clean revenues generated by Kering SA amounted to 43%.

Neste Corporation

The Finland based company is a renowned name in oil refining and marketing. It provides engineering services and licensed technologies, making it a popular name all across Europe and the world for its quality of technology and services.

What Makes Neste Sustainable

The carbon production score was the highest of all the companies researched with a mammoth 85%. Furthermore, the CEO to lower employee salary ratio was a respectable 39 to 1, and with 38% of women on board, Neste ranks better than most others when it comes to equal opportunity.

While it’s percentage of clean revenues was low at 25% due to the nature of its operations, it still takes the third place due to its commitment to quality and equality.

These three lead the strive for sustainability all over the world when it comes to the business sector. With more sustainable businesses arising each day, it will be interesting to see where these companies rank in the future.

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