The Top New Smartphones Coming Out in 2019

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Technology is at its fastest pace of evolution in today’s world. The development of smartphones, however, is jaw-dropping. They seem to get better every year! With the most astonishing features, looks, and offers, smartphones are the epitome of technology. 

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. If you’re into buying the latest smartphones, you better start reading this article! 

1) Apple – iPhone 11

Can you expect a smartphone article without Apple? Certainly not. With 2019 approaching, Apple was prepared to launch its new smartphone model, ‘iPhone 11.’ With eye-opening features like its three large back camera sensors.

If you’re into photography, skip buying a camera and get yourself an iPhone 11 instead. Other than this feature, most of its other features remain the same. Rumour has it that this phone consists of frosted glass on the back, giving it a smart and stylish look. 

2) Samsung – Galaxy Note 10

With a slim and smart look, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is here to impress. For people who like bigger phones, this model is ideal for them. The Galaxy Note 10 is extra-large in size. The headphone port is of 3.5 mm.

The Galaxy Note 10 will come in August, so there are only a few weeks to wait now! For people who prefer Samsung over Apple, this is a big moment.

3) Google – Pixel  4

The actual photo of a google pixel 4 was released a few weeks ago. It is as smart as its name is. The camera module displays at the bag. It is square-shaped, giving this phone a sophisticated look. It consists of 2 cameras that are accompanied by flash and sensors. According to certain people, this phone looks similar to that of an iPhone.

Rumors state that Google is planning on abandoning its button features. It will, therefore, replace them with touch features now. On top of that, this model might concentrate on hand gestures to manage the media from a certain distance. 

4) Samsung – Galaxy Fold

Samsung has upped its game when it comes to introducing the newest features. Behold, the Samsung Fold is as literal as its name is. A phone that folds without any joints in it? We’re impressed too! This phone has a 4.6 inches external look.

However, when you fold this phone externally, it’ll become a tablet with a 7.6 inches display! It is also quite costly. With a 12GB RAM and a 512GB of on-board memory, this smartphone is here to bewilder the world

5) Huawei: Mate X 

Just like Samsung, this phone also comes with the ability to fold. However, it folds in a completely different way; instead of being folded inside, the Mate X folds outwardly with a display of 8 inches.

On top of that, it is a slimmer phone. So, if someone wants a foldable, slim smartphone, this one takes the cake! It won’t be here till September. So, wait for it and be prepared to get startled. 

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