MUST-READ: Facebook and Google advertising costs expected to go through the roof!

Online advertising costs are already crazy. Now, with the arrival of Smart AI systems on the online marketing scene, the cost for advertising your products and services on Facebook, Google, and other major platforms is expected to skyrocket. 

The main challenge with online marketing is that a lot of companies really struggle with content creation, determining which platforms are the most effective for their business, and how much is being spent until the sales & marketing objectives are being achieved (if the objectives are even being achieved at all). 

The online marketing world is about to be disrupted…

AI-generated content has been rapidly growing in popularity for some time now. With the arrival of this new technology and all the benefits it brings to entrepreneurs, e-commerce, lead generation specialists, and marketing agencies alike we are about to see a disruption in the online marketing world as we know it. 

Ask yourself this question:  

What would it mean for your business if you can solve all of the aforementioned problems, and many more with one, easy-to-use tool? Effectively removing the need to have multiple applications and optimizing your marketing spend, growing your customer base, increasing your ROI, and that has the power to drive your sales through the roof. On top of that, no marketing or technical expertise is required. No more hours and hours spent on content creation. Selecting an advertising platform or even outsourcing your online marketing to an advertising agency. 

We know what you’re thinking, that sounds great!  

One company, in particular, seems to be ahead of the curve. 

Lykli has developed a new marketing & sales tool that harnesses the power of AI and removes the need for multiple complex systems to run your business online. The Lykli platform basically offers: 

  • Ad creation by Smart AI 
  • Ad placement by Smart AI 
  • Customer Management System
  • Lead Conversion tool 
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence 
  • E-mail, messenger, and direct call module 
  • Webstore with integrated payment system 

An all-in-one package, in its truest form!  

Lykli’s Smart AI system removes the complexity of online marketing and sales by generating ad content, placing the ad on the most effective advertising platform, converting the lead, and directly connecting the potential client to your business. The only thing that needs to be done by you is close the sale. Literally, anyone can promote and sell anything, online in minutes. 

We believe that Smart AI and tools such as Lykli will transform the way online marketing and sales are done today. 

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