IoT 2019 – What Does The Future Look Like?

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The Internet of Things is no more a foreign concept. It is rapidly evolving and has led to the expansion of almost industries. Estimates suggest that by 2020, there would be over 30 billion IoT devices.

And with their escalating popularity and industrial implementation, it is critical to know what the future holds for us regarding IoT trends:

More Edge Computing

With IoT on the rise, there are going to be abundant devices in the industry. There would be more challenges revolving around network speed and bandwidth etc.

For efficient storing, edge computing is going to be used rather than cloud computing. Estimates reveal that by 2020, IT expenditure on Edge infrastructure is going to be 18% of the total budget on IoT system.

Mobile-Friendly IoT

When IoT emerged, several devices came into being but for desktops only. But that was in the initial days. Now, the trend of IoT devices has changed significantly. Mobile devices are all the rage now and more IoT devices are following suit.

IoT and Healthcare

By 2021, IoT in the medical field is anticipated to reach $72 billion. The implementation of connected devices in the health industry has led us to witness a massive improvement in the industry.

A Forbes survey has found out that by the end of 2019, 87% of healthcare companies are going to go for IoT in their operations. After smart homes, hospitals are also going to go smart for the wellbeing of the people.

Patients keep their doctors updated as they wear IoT enabled devices on their wrists. The doctors can also remotely check the heart rate and blood sugar levels of their patients.

Apart from doctors and patients, IoT lets the medical staff stay connected within the premises and carry on important tasks remotely. They can monitor equipment, handle resources and track the movement of products from one floor to another.

Increase in IoT Security

With more connected devices, there are more chances of threats. But with the help of tested APIs, strong authentication, and coding, security risks could be kept at bay.  IoT is going to have significant impact on our daily lives in the future.

So much so that it can even access our social security number and banking details.  Security can be achieved when all the connected networks are secured.

Experts are striving to incorporate security software in the app to avoid security breaches.  It is expected that by the end of 2019, IoT devices are going to be a lot more secure.

Retail would embrace IoT advancements

IoT is going to transform the retail industry and the way it does business. Some of the IoT markets trends that are bound to be embedded in retail are smart shelves, automated checkout, and robot employees although that is just a bit further in the future.

IoT devices could assist the owners and the employees to reduce and eventually eliminate any errors in the inventory.

And boost the supply chain management as well. The customers shall also have a smooth and hassle free shopping experience.

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